New to TCBT?

Are you new to TCBT? Do not worry, this step by step guide will help you get started with TCBT.

Our TCBT experts will also guide you to adopt TCBT practices.

We also have offline and online trainings to educate you and make your step to Nutritional Farming easy. For more details, visit this page

Step: Provide us your contact details

Fill this simple form to allow TCBT experts gather the most important information for you and get in touch with you.

The form is available here

Step: Soil treatment

Use the following products:

  • Bhasma Rasayan Kit
  • If your farm is < 3 acres then use, TCBT Mini Capsule Culture Kit for Soil Treatment
  • If your farm is > 3 acres, then use TCBT Complete Capsule Culture KIt for Soil Treatment