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New Farmer Starter Kit

New Farmer Starter Kit

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Introducing the New Farmer Starter Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to empower aspiring farmers with the essential tools and resources needed to cultivate Organic crops and nurture a healthy harvest. This kit is a cost-effective investment in your farm's future.

Contents Included in This Kit:

  • Agnihotra Bhasm (50 gm)
  • Capsule Culture Kit Mini
  • Jeevan Urja (15 liters + Additional Free 5 liters)
  • Bhasm Rasyan (1 kg)
  • Surpal (1 kg)


  • Better Soil Fertility: Agnihotra Bhasm enriches the soil with essential nutrients, promoting microbial activity and enhancing overall soil health.
  • Healthy Soil Ecosystem: The Capsule Culture Kit Mini fosters the growth of beneficial microorganisms, improving soil structure and nutrient availability for optimal plant growth.
  • Fast Plant Growth: Jeevan Urja stimulates root development, nutrient uptake, and plant vigor, resulting in robust growth and increased yield potential.
  • Improved Crop Immunity: Bhasm Rasyan boosts crop immunity and disease resistance, ensuring healthier plants and a more bountiful harvest.

This New Farmer Starter Kit is your starting point of an organic and healthy agricultural journey. From soil enrichment to crop vitality, this kit equips you with everything you need to cultivate success from the ground up.

#नए किसानों के लिए स्टार्टर किट
#નવા ખેડૂતો માટે સ્ટાર્ટર કિટ
#नवीन शेतकऱ्यांसाठी स्टार्टर किट
#নতুন কৃষকদের জন্য স্টার্টার কিট
#కొత్త రైతులకు స్టార్టర్ కిట్
#ಹೊಸ ರೈತರಿಗೆ ಸ್ಟಾರ್ಟರ್ ಕಿಟ್
#പുതിയ കർഷകർക്കായി സ്റ്റാർട്ടർ കിറ്റ്
#புதிய விவசாயிகளுக்கான ஸ்டார்டர் கிட்

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