Collection: Nano Particle Micronutrition

We offer unique and novel agriculture products manufactured by incorporating innovative technologies giving advantage of easy to use, high efficacy and safety.
Our nutrition products are colloidal nano meter particles of ionized minerals embedded in matrices of amino acids and then encapsulated using efficient polymers.
These products are manufactured by using the most advanced chemical method for nano-structured material processing to form colloid particles. What make colloid particles so special is not so much their sizes as it is the manner in which their surface areas increase as their sizes decrease.

• Nano Meter Particle size covers large surface area thus enhances foliar absorption by many folds.
• In foliar spray, each fine drop of water contains colloidal mineral particle.
• Absorbed and metabolized more efficiently.
• Absorbed by the amino acid transport system.
• Delivered in a form similar to that found in the plant body, in organic form.
• Because colloidal minerals do not have to undergo disintegration and dissolution, in contrast with minerals taken in other forms, under applicable principles of biochemistry they are said to have enhanced-absorption capability.
• Increases passive absorption by increasing water and lipid solubility of the mineral nutrient.
• Movement through cell membranes.
• Does not have high reactivity i.e. Agonism and Antagonism with other minerals.