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Bhasm Rasayan Kit

Bhasm Rasayan Kit

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Bhasma Rasayan Kit: Harness the power of nature with our Bhasma Rasayan Kit! This kit contains magnesium, iron, sulfur, manganese, copper, zinc and suhaga (borax) to create a potent plant solution. By following our simple method, you can prepare Bhasma Rasayan, a natural remedy that promotes healthy crop growth and protection. Experience the benefits of this ancient wisdom for your plants today!

#भास्म रसायण किट
#ભસ્મ રાસયન કીટ
#भस्म रसायन किट
#ভ্যাসম রসায়ান কিট
#భాస్మ్ రసయన్ కిట్
#ಭಾಸ್ಮ್ ರಾಸಾಯನ್ ಕಿಟ್
#ഭാസ്ം റസായൻ കിറ്റ്
#பாஸ் ரசாயன் கிட்

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