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DAP Urea Urvark Vikalp Kit

DAP Urea Urvark Vikalp Kit

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The DAP Urea Urvark Vikalp Kit, also known as the Fertilizer Choice Kit, provides organic and natural farmers with a sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers like DAP and Urea. With this kit, farmers no longer need to worry about the availability of phosphorus, potash and nitrogen in their soil. It serves as a suitable substitute for farmers who want to save on costs amidst rising prices of DAP and Urea in the market. The kit can be safely used in crop production without any harmful effects. It is 45% cheaper than Urea DAP and is designed to cover 1 acre of land. The Fertilizer Substitute Kit includes OK-P 500ml, a substitute for DAP and Nano Natrajen 500ml, a substitute for Urea. The recommended method of use is to mix 500ml of OK-P and Nano Nitrogen in 100-150 liters of water for the first spray after 20-25 days of sowing, followed by a second spray after 40-50 days and a third spray after 60-70 days.


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