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Crop Starter Basal Dosing Kit

Crop Starter Basal Dosing Kit

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The Fasal starter basal khuraq is designed to provide essential nutrients to the crops during their initial growth stages. The mixture includes 1 kg Surpal that helps in water infiltration and water holding capacity of the soil. It also promotes root development and overall plant growth. SuperSoil, another 1 kg component enriches the soil with organic matter and essential minerals enhancing its fertility.

Kit includes the below:

1. Govardhan Khanij Khad 200 kg
2. Surpal 1 kg
3. Nano Mahiraza 250 gm
4. Super soil 1 kg
5. Bhasam Rasayan  4 kg

250 g Nano Mahiraza is a specialized product that contains micronutrients and beneficial microbes. It breaks the hard soil layer, increases root growth and keeps the soil soft. It enhances nutrient absorption, increasing production and reducing the dependency on chemical fertilizers. 4 kg Bhasam Rasayan contributes to the overall plant health by providing additional nutrients and promoting disease resistance.

GKK, a substantial 200 kg component, is divided into incremental applications. Initially, 50 kg is applied to ensure a nutrient-rich environment for early growth. Then 25 kg is applied five separate times to maintain nutrient availability throughout the crop's growth cycle.



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