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TCBT Farmer Starter Kit

TCBT Farmer Starter Kit

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The TCBT Farmer Starter Kit is a comprehensive package designed to support farmers in their agricultural practices. It includes various essential items and resources for implementing organic and sustainable farming methods. The kit consists of a Krishi Panchang (agricultural calendar) and the TCBT Book, providing valuable insights and guidance on agricultural techniques. Additionally, it contains an Agnihotra Patra for performing the sacred Agnihotra ritual, a Capsule Culture Kit for cultivating beneficial microorganisms and Fafund Bhakshak, a natural pest control solution. The kit also includes Panchmahabhoot Purn Desi Forest grazing Cow Kanda, which is used in Agnihotra ceremonies. To ensure protection from mobile radiation, an Anti Radiation Mobile Chip, made from cow-based materials, is provided. 
The starter kit includes the following –

1. Krishi Panchang - 1

2. TCBT Book - 1

3. Agnihotra Patra - 1

4. Capsule Culture Kit - 1

5. Fafund Bhakshak – 500ml

6. Panchmahabhoot Purn Desi Forest grazing Cow Kanda For Agnihotra – 350 Kande

7. Anti Radiation Mobile Chip (Cow Based) - 1




#टीसीबीटी किसान स्टार्टर किट
#ટીસીબીટી ફાર્મર સ્ટાર્ટર કીટ
#टीसीबीटी फार्मर स्टार्टर किट
#টিসিবিটি কৃষক স্টার্টার কিট
#టిసిబిటి ఫార్మర్ స్టార్టర్ కిట్
#ಟಿಸಿಬಿಟಿ ಫಾರ್ಮರ್ ಸ್ಟಾರ್ಟರ್ ಕಿಟ್
#ടിസിബിടി കർഷക സ്റ്റാർട്ടർ കിറ്റ്
#TCBT விவசாயி ஸ்டார்டர் கிட்

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