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TCBT Dhaan Kit

TCBT Dhaan Kit

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Introducing the TCBT Dhaan Kit, your all-in-one solution for better farming. This kit includes natural and organic products to improve soil health, boost plant growth, and increase crop yield. Perfect for both experienced farmers and beginners, the TCBT Dhaan Kit provides everything your crops need to thrive.

Items Included in the TCBT Dhaan Kit:

Carbon recharger (250 grams): Enhances nitrogen fixation in the soil.
Nano Mahiraja (250 grams): Promotes the growth of white roots.
Fafund Bhakshak Powder (500 grams): Controls soil-borne fungal diseases.
Zero Tode (2 kg): Controls soil pests such as termites and nematodes.
Nano Energy (500 ml): Improves tillage, growth, and production of crops.
Govardhan Khanij Khad (5 bags): Enhances soil fertility and provides essential plant nutrition.
Bhasma Rasayan (Ready-made) (3 kg): Provides cost effective and quality nutrition to plants.
Ionic Green (15 kg): Acts as catalyst for microbes and ensures nutrient availability.
Surpal (1 kg): Acts as growth booster and enhances the availability of nutrients for microorganisms.

Why Choose the TCBT Dhaan Kit?

TCBT Dhaan Kit includes a variety of natural and organic products for all aspects of crop growth and soil health. This kit is helpful in improving germination, root growth, nutrient absorption, and overall crop yield. It is eco-friendly as it supports sustainable farming with organic and bio-based products.

Order now and give your crops the best care they deserve!

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