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TCBT is the magic of microbes with carbon recharger feature which revolutionizes nitrogen and carbon in the soil.
It is a game-changing product that increases soil organic matter. This raises the carbon level of the soil by 1% to 3%. It makes the soil soft like butter .

These significantly improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil , as well as its water retention. Increase capacity . These microbes containing TCBT characteristic are very much for the farmer as bio-fertilizers.

Microbes by supplying nutrients to the root site of the plant and of enzymes and hormones Stimulate the potent growth of the plant by producing high-effective chemical tips like , This gives the plant a better capacity . They help in fighting against soil-borne diseases . They are also effective against dangerous bacteria, fungi and nematodes .

With several beneficial - TCBT characteristics , these microbes play an important role in natural farming.

Microbes containing TCBT characteristic enhance organic matter, amino acids , vitamins and auxins in the soil , the saltiness of the soil and reduce the stagnation of phosphate . It increases the productivity of the crop .

Microbes with TCBT characteristic are emerging microorganisms for natural agricultural growth .

What benefits will this product provide you ?

1. Cheap source of nutrients and nitrogen , 20-30 kg/ha
2. Supplier of micronutrients
3. Supplier of organic matter
4. Counteracts the negative effects of chemical fertilizers
5. Secretes growth hormone
6. By improving soil health , especially nitrogen, organic carbon and micronutrients. Increases the nutrient status for the elements
7. This increases the yield of the crop by 10-20%
8. It helps to soften the soil like butter

250 gm to 500 gm per acre per crop

How to use (Application):
Grow in 4 kg/acre cow dung or compost manure or Govardhan mineral manure with little moisture for 4 days.

#टीसीबीटी कार्बन रिचार्जर
#ટીસીબીટી કાર્બન રિચાર્જર
#टीसीबीटी कार्बन रिचार्जर
#টিসিবিটি কার্বন রিচার্জার
#TCBT కార్బన్ రీఛార్జర్
#ಟಿಸಿಬಿಟಿ ಕಾರ್ಬನ್ ರೀಚಾರ್ಜರ್
#ടിസിബിടി കാർബൺ റീചാർജർ
#TCBT கார்பன் ரீசார்ஜர்
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