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Strong Calcium 40.5%

Strong Calcium 40.5%

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Introducing Strong Calcium, the essential solution for robust plant growth and bountiful harvests. Formulated with a potent concentration of calcium oxide at 40.5%, this powdered powerhouse is designed to fortify your crops from root to fruit.

Featuring a finely powdered form, Strong Calcium ensures rapid absorption by plant roots, delivering vital nutrients where they're needed most. Acting as both a preventive and curative measure, it serves as a dependable source of available calcium for your plants' optimal health.


Root Development: Stimulates the growth of root tips and root hairs, enhancing nutrient uptake and overall plant vigor.
Cell Wall Strength: Provides stability and fortification to cell walls, promoting resilience against environmental stresses.
Tissue Development: Supports the formation of new tissues, including root tips, young leaves, and shoot tips, fostering vigorous growth and development.
Flowering and Fruit Setting: Boosts flowering and fruit setting processes, leading to increased yield and improved crop quality.
Quality Enhancement: Elevates the quality and extends the shelf life of produce, ensuring long-lasting freshness and market appeal.

Apply 2 kg per acre for optimal results.

Utilize Strong Calcium through drenching or drip irrigation methods, ensuring efficient distribution and maximum uptake by your plants.

Invest in Strong Calcium today and unlock the full potential of your crops, cultivating a thriving agricultural enterprise with superior yields and unparalleled quality.


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