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Pushp Rasayan, a powerful plant supplement formulated with a combination of twenty amino acids, seaweed extract, fulvic acid and cytokinin plant hormones. This unique blend works synergistically to enhance the flowering and fruiting process in plants offering numerous benefits for crop development. It promotes the physiological processes of plants during critical periods, improves nutrient absorption and effectiveness, stimulates soil microbial population, accelerates organic residue conversion into humus, enhances soil moisture and nutrient utilization and boosts the yield potential of crops. Additionally, Pushp Rasayan provides a complex and balanced supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, growth promoters and carbohydrates while also enhancing tolerance to abiotic stress. Suitable for a wide range of crops, including cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables, flowers and more,

Pushp Rasayan is an essential tool to optimize plant growth and maximize yields. Apply through foliar spray using 2.5ml per liter of Pushp Rasayan.
Amino + Seaweed + Folvic + Hormones


Encourage the physiological processes of plants in critical periods of crop development.

Improve the absorption of nutrients and their effectiveness

Complex, Balanced food supply of vitamins, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates, growth promoters to the natural organisms.

Stimulates Soil microbial population & diversity

Accelerates conversion of organic residues into humus

Improves soil moisture and nutrient utilization

Enhances the yield potential of the crop

Provides a complex & balanced supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, growth promoters & carbohydrates.

Enhance tolerance to abiotic stress.

Mode of application:

Foliar spray: Take2.5ml per liter Pushp Rasayan for foliar spray.

Crops: Pushp Rasayan is suitable for application for on Cereals , Millets , Pulses, Oilseeds, Fibre Crops , Sugar Crops , Forage Crops , Plantation crops ,Vegetables, Fruits, Spices , Flowers , Medicinal crops , Aromatic Crops , Orchards and Ornamentals


#पुष्प रासायन- 500 मिलीलीटर
#પુશપ રાસાયન- 500 એમએલ
#पुश रसयन- 500 मिली
#পুশপ রাসায়ান- 500 মিলি
#పుష్ప్ రసయన్- 500 ఎంఎల్
#ಪುಷ್ಪ್ ರಾಸಾಯನ್- 500 ಮಿಲಿ
#പുഷ്പൻ റസായൻ- 500 മില്ലി
#புஷ்ப் ரசாயன்- 500 மிலி



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