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Phosphorous Oxide 18% 300 KG

Phosphorous Oxide 18% 300 KG

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Phosphorus Oxide,18% is a supplement mineral that is rich in phosphorus which when applied to the soil, slowly releases phosphorus over time, providing a sustainable and long-lasting supply for plant growth. Unlike other phosphate sources like apatite or shell phosphate, Phosphorus Oxide is specifically recognized for its phosphorus content. By incorporating it into the soil, farmers can ensure an adequate supply of phosphorus to support healthy plant growth and development.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Root Development:
Phosphorus plays a crucial role in root development. Adequate phosphorus strengthens and expands the root system, allowing plants to absorb more nutrients and water.

Improved Flower and Fruit Production:
Phosphorus supports the flowering and fruiting process in plants. It enhances the quality and quantity of flowers and fruits, leading to better crop yields.

Aids in Energy Transfer:
Phosphorus is essential for energy transfer and storage in plants. It helps in the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides energy for all biological processes in plants.

Promotes Early Growth:
Sufficient phosphorus encourages rapid growth during the early stages of plant development. It supports seed germination and the growth of young plants.

Slow and Sustained Release in Soil:
Phosphorus Oxide 18% releases phosphorus slowly over time, ensuring a steady supply of this nutrient in the soil. This ensures that plants receive phosphorus continuously for extended periods.

Application Instructions:

Soil Application: Mix Phosphorus Oxide 18% into the soil before planting. For existing plants, sprinkle around the base and lightly till into the soil.

Recommended Dosage:
Refer to TCBT experts for specific dosage instructions. 

Safety and Storage:
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Use protective gear when handling to avoid inhalation or contact with skin and eyes.

Boost the growth and development of your plants with Phosphorus Oxide 18%. This essential phosphorus supplement will help your plants reach their full potential, ensuring lush growth and high productivity.

#फॉस्फोरस ऑक्साइड 18% 30 किग्रा
#ફોસ્ફરસ ઓક્સાઇડ 18% 30 KG
#फॉस्फरस ऑक्साईड 18% 30 KG
#ফসফরাস অক্সাইড 18% 30 কেজি
#ఫాస్పరస్ ఆక్సైడ్ 18% 30 KG
#ಫಾಸ್ಫರಸ್ ಆಕ್ಸೈಡ್ 18% 30 ಕೆ.ಜಿ
#ഫോസ്ഫറസ് ഓക്സൈഡ് 18% 30 കെ.ജി
#பாஸ்பரஸ் ஆக்சைடு 18% 30 கி.கி

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