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One day TCBT Organic Farming Training at Chandigarh

One day TCBT Organic Farming Training at Chandigarh

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Unleash the Power of Organic Farming - TCBT Training in Chandigarh! Are you ready to revolutionize your farming practices and reap bountiful rewards? Join us for an extraordinary TCBT training in Chandigarh, where you can unlock the secrets of organic farming success! Led by seasoned experts, this immersive training will equip you with cutting-edge techniques and hands-on experience. Don't miss this golden opportunity to cultivate a sustainable future and increase your yields. Enroll now for the irresistible price of just Rs 350! Hurry, seats are filling up fast! For registration and inquiries, reach out to 6284274669 / 9050822381

Fret not, if you do not have the option of joining our classes at Chandigarh, there is an online mode that you can choose and join our programme through online session. The meeting details shall be shared after registration.

Note: Lunch will be provided


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