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Fafund Bhakshak (Taral)

Fafund Bhakshak (Taral)

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Fafund Bhakshak (Taral) is a versatile liquid fungicide that promotes a symbiotic environment for beneficial fungi and bacteria. It effectively eliminates fungal diseases in crops and soil, ensuring long-term plant health. It protects against harmful fungi, treats soil for green and healthy plants, eradicates seed-borne diseases and prevents future crop diseases. It can be used as a foliar spray, drip irrigation, seed treatment or root drenching. By fermenting Fafund Bhakshak (Taral) with jaggery and water, it becomes a potent solution that rapidly combats any fungus within 24 hours.

For optimal results, use it with Nano Mineral and Surpal. It can also be mixed with other products like Bhashak m+ and Bhashak v+ for foliar spray.

For soil treatment apply 500 ml of it mixed with 2 kg of jaggery in 200 liters of water to 1 acre of land. Before sowing treat seeds with 3 ml of Trishul per kilogram of seeds.

With Fafund Bhakshak (Taral) farmers can achieve healthy crops and improved productivity in a natural farming approach.


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#ஃபபண்ட் பாக்ஷக் திரவம்

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