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Copper Mitti

Copper Mitti

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Copper Soil: Enhance your soil's fertility with Copper Soil, also known as Copper Mitti. This organic product contains copper(I) oxide, a key compound that supports plant growth and nutrition. With its nanoparticles for rapid absorption, it offers effective results at low dosages. Copper Soil can be easily mixed with agrochemicals and applied through soil application. Experience the benefits of improved nitrogen metabolism, increased protein and starch production and enhanced chloroplast and enzyme activity. Simply mix 250g of Copper Soil with compost and apply it to your fields once in a season for optimal results.

Copper(I) oxide or cuprous oxide is the inorganic compound with the formula Cu2O. It is one of the principal oxides of copper.


Requires very low dosage with better copper nutrition.

+ Nanoparticles supports rapid absorption.

+ It can be used mixed tank with agrochemicals.

+ Promotes nitrogen metabolism and produces protein and starch.

+ Boosts chloroplast & enzyme production.

Application method:

Soil application: mix 250 gm of copper mitti in compost and broadcast in field once in a season.



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