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Discover Bijoupcharit, a groundbreaking TCBT research product that's a game-changer for plant growth. With a specialized natural plant extract comprising 20% of the formula and a premium carrier solution making up the remaining 80%, Bijoupcharit promotes robust root development, disease prevention, and accelerated plant growth. To ensure the best results, this product should only be used under the guidance of a Certified TCBT Expert. Bijoupcharit provides multiple benefits, including effective protection against diseases, control over fungus and sucking pests, and a reduced need for chemical pesticides, all leading to enhanced crop yield. You can apply it using the foliar method (2ml per liter of water) for direct plant absorption or choose the drip and drenching technique (10ml per liter of water) for profound root nourishment. Elevate your plant care to the next level with Bijoupcharit and witness the flourishing health and vitality of your garden.

Bijoupcharit is a TCBT research product with specialised natural plant extract which helps increase in roots, prevent diseases and help plant growth

COMPOSITION: 20% plant extract, 80% Carrier

DIRECTIONS FOR USE To be used under supervision of Certified TCBT Expert Only.


It helps in plant protection growth of roots & control fungus & sucking pests.
Reduce application of Chemical pesticides and enhance crop yield.


FOLIAR APPLICATION: Mix 2 ml per litre of water
Drip & Drenching: 10ml per litre of water


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