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Crop Nutrition Spray Kit

Crop Nutrition Spray Kit

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The Fasal Poshan spray kit consists of four components: OKP 1.5 liters, Nano Natrajan 1.5 liters, Nano Khanij 1 liter and Sajal 500 ml.

OKP with a volume of 1.5 liters, is a nutrient-rich spray that provides organic potash and phosphate, reducing the reliance on chemical fertilizers.
Nano Natrajan in a quantity of 1.5 liters, is a specialized product that provides 10% biological nitrogen to plants, replacing the need for chemical nitrogen fertilizers. This leads to enhanced productivity, increased microbial activity in the soil, and a reduction in pathogens and insects.
Nano Khanij, with a volume of 1 liter, aids seed germination and seedling growth, increases microbial activity and promotes nutrient uptake for enhanced grain, fruit and flower development. It boosts chlorophyll formation, supports photosynthesis and stimulates vegetative growth and fruit development. It also improves enzymatic activity, carbon, and nitrogen metabolism, while providing rapid uptake and utilization due to chelation. With a potential increase in crop production by 10-20%, it enhances plant resistance against stress and diseases, reducing the need for pesticides and fertilizers.
Sajal, a silicone-based spreader, in a 0.5% concentration. Sajal enhances the effectiveness of the spray solution by improving its coverage and adhesion on the plant's surface. It helps ensure uniform distribution and penetration of the nutrients, promoting optimal absorption and utilization by the plants.


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