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Zero Mite

Zero Mite

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Zero Mite is a broad-spectrum acaricide made from various phytoconstituents that effectively control mites on different crops. Zero Mite penetrates leaves, making it doubly effective against mites, even those feeding on the underside of leaves.


Active Ingredients (by weight):
Brassica napus: 8.0%
Piper nigrum: 8.0%
Allium sativum: 9.0%
Other Ingredients:
Adjuvant: 10.0%
Organic emulsifier: 10.0%
Carrier oil: Qs to make 100%

2 ml per liter of water, depending on crop stage and infestation.
Preventive - 8-12 days repeat spray 
Curative- Spray at the ETL Level - Repeat the spray after 6 days.

Product Recommendations:
Zero Mite is recommended for effective management of red and yellow mites on all horticulture, floriculture, spices, food, and fodder crops.

Unique Features:

Zero Mite has multi-action, including contact and fumigant action.
Its poly-herbal formulation makes it more potent and prevents mites from developing resistance.
Made from pure plant extracts.
Provides residue-free production, suitable for organic and sustainable farming.
Not harmful to beneficial insects like butterflies and honey bees.
Has a lethal effect on targeted insects.
Highly effective against all stages of red and yellow mites within 48 hours.
Excellent penetration ability, making it effective against mites on the underside of leaves.
Insects cannot develop resistance against this product.
Shows phytotonic effects on plants.

Prohibited Uses:

Zero Mite is not compatible with sulfur, copper-based fungicides, and Bordeaux mixture.
Do not mix with other chemicals.
Keep away from children.
Not for human or animal consumption.

Targeted Pest:
Red and yellow mites.

Mode of Action:
Application of Zero Mite on red and yellow mites causes the secretion of bodily fluid, leading to the insect's death and blackening of the body. Zero Mite desiccates the external protein layer of the skin, resulting in disintegration of body tissues and death. It also prevents oviposition and egg hatching, stopping further mite production.

Organic and Residue-Free Farming:
Highly suitable for organic farming with zero pre-harvest index and re-entry period. Recommended for residue-free products for export.
#शून्य घुन
#શૂન્ય માઇટ્સ
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#പൂജ്യം കാശ്
#ஜீரோ மைட்ஸ்

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