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Super Soil 1 kg

Super Soil 1 kg

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Super Soil, the powerhouse of nutrition for your crops. This remarkable product replenishes the soil with essential micronutrients, minerals and organic matter, leading to a 30% increase in production by boosting soil energy and nutrition. It ensures healthy and vibrant roots and stems, while also providing disease prevention for your crops. When used in conjunction with Nano Mycorrhiza or Mahiraza, its potency is doubled in land treatment. Super Soil is a versatile product that supports farmers throughout the organic farming process, from soil treatment to crop ripening. Suitable for various agricultural crops and available in different quantities based on crop duration, Super Soil is the go-to choice for optimal crop growth. Apply the recommended dosage per acre for maximum benefits.

#सुपर मिट्टी - 1 किलो
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#సూపర్ మట్టి - 1 కిలోలు
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