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Potash Fasaldhan

Potash Fasaldhan

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Introducing Phospho Fasaldhan, a groundbreaking lyophilized biological fertilizer featuring a carefully selected strain of phosphate solubilizing bacteria, Bacillus megaterium. With an impressive composition of 10x10^9 cfu/g, this product takes a unique approach to enhance plant phosphorus uptake, contributing to optimal crop growth.

Bacillus megaterium in Phospho Fasaldhan secretes organic acids during its growth, solubilizing fixed phosphorus in the soil and making it easily accessible to plants in organic form.


Organic Phosphorus Supply: Phospho Fasaldhan supplies phosphorus to plants in an organic form, promoting healthier and more robust growth.

Cost-Efficient: Save up to 50% compared to traditional phosphorous chemical fertilizers, making it a cost-effective choice for farmers.

Soil Health Improvement: Prevent soil erosion and enhance soil texture and fertility by using Phospho Fasaldhan, which also improves organic content and microbial population.

Enhanced Plant Health: This fertilizer not only boosts plant health but also contributes to increased crop yields.

Target Crops:
Phospho Fasaldhan is suitable for a wide range of crops, including wheat, maize, paddy, cotton, sugarcane, pulses, oilseed crops, vegetables, flowers, and fruits.

Store Phospho Fasaldhan in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat, to maintain its efficacy. Elevate your farming practices with Phospho Fasaldhan – the innovation in organic phosphorus supply for optimal crop performance.


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