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Physical Carbon Liquid

Physical Carbon Liquid

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Introducing "Physical Carbon Liquid," a revolutionary solution designed to enhance soil quality and promote robust plant growth. This exceptional product contains 35% organic carbon in aqueous solutions, working harmoniously with beneficial microorganisms in the soil to convert insoluble nutrients into soluble forms, significantly boosting nutrient availability for your plants. What sets Physical Carbon Liquid apart is its unique specialty carbon, elevating microbial efficiency and increasing their population, thus improving soil health with a higher Cation Exchange Capacity. Acting as a potent chelating agent for mineral nutrients in the soil, this product enhances nutrient availability, leading to better soil texture and water-holding capacity. Application is a breeze at 3.5 liters per acre, and it can be seamlessly integrated into your agricultural practices through drip irrigation, drenching, or broadcast application with other soil amendments. Elevate your crop's potential with Physical Carbon Liquid and witness the transformative impact on your soil and plant health.

Organic Carbon-35%
Aqueous Solutions-Q.S.

Dosage: 3.5 Liter/acre

Method of Application: Drip irrigation, Drenching, Broadcast with Fertilizer/Manure/Sand

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