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Panchmahabhoot Purn Desi Forest grazing Cow Kanda For Agnihotra

Panchmahabhoot Purn Desi Forest grazing Cow Kanda For Agnihotra

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Purna Desi Van Charai Cow Dung Dung for Agnihotra is a highly effective way to purify your place and make it more peaceful. The purifying and calming properties of cow dung are derived from its natural enzymes and amino acids.

Panchmahabhoot Purna desi cow's udder is of those cow dung which graze through cow sanctuary in Kanha Udyan located in Satpura forest of Madhya Pradesh. Panchambhoot is complete, due to which the energy and ashes obtained from them also have complete Panchambhoot.

With this product, SOUL is strengthening the economic condition of Indian rural areas and ensuring the availability of desi cow's cow dung for Agnihotra in Indian cities.


#अग्निहोत्रा ​​के लिए भारतीय गाय का गोबर - पंचमाहबूट
#અગ્નિહોત્રા માટે ભારતીય ગાયનો ગાય - પંચમહાબૂટ
#अग्निहोत्रासाठी भारतीय गायची गाय शेण - पंचमाहाबूट
#অগ্নিহোত্রার জন্য ভারতীয় গরুর গোবর - পঞ্চমাহাবুট
#అగ్నిహోత్రా కోసం భారత ఆవు యొక్క ఆవు పేడ - పంచ్మహాబూట్
#ಅಗ್ನಿಹೋತ್ರಾಗೆ ಭಾರತೀಯ ಹಸುವಿನ ಹಸು ಸಗಣಿ - ಪಂಚಮಹಾಬೂಟ್
#ഇന്ത്യൻ പശുവിന്റെ ചാണകം അഗ്നിഹോട്രയുടെ പഞ്ചമഹൂട്ട്
#அக்னிஹோத்ராவுக்கு இந்திய பசுவின் மாட்டு சாணம் - பஞ்ச்மஹாபூட்

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