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Here's the- OK-P 2X, for your crops The best provider of phosphorus and potassium!

It is prepared by mixing organic acids, beneficial microorganisms, rock phosphate and caustic potash. OK-P2X is a complete alternative to DAP fertilizers .

OK-P2X contains 22% phosphorus and 12% potassium . Which are the primary and part of the 18 essential plant nutrients.

Both TCBT and traditional chemical farmers meet - macro-nutrient needs. It improves the texture of the soil , making it more brittle and plant growth. It becomes favorable accordingly .

It provides important potassium to the soil while meeting the nutritional needs of your crops

Safe for both the environment and the soil , this product is a composite for chemical fertilizers.

It quickly dissolves in the soil and is easily absorbed by plants This, results in improved crop yields.

Information about - supplements and how to apply here is given :

2 ml - used in spray and drip with 1 litre of water

Crop-wise application period:
1. , For legume crops like soybean, chickpeas, peas, pigeon pea, moong, urad and peanuts : For the entire crop cycle use OK-P2X 4 to 5 times .

2. For cereal crops like wheat, maize and rice : During the entire crop cycle - Apply OK-P2X through the spray 4-5 times .

3. For vegetables and fruit crops : frequency of application depending on harvesting conditions may be different . Adjust the frequency based on specific crop requirements and crop conditions. It is recommended to apply OK-P2X 5 to 6 times .

Method of application :

1. Prepare a spray solution by dissolving in 1 litre of water .

2. Make sure the spraying is done completely on the crop leaves and the surrounding soil .

3. For drip irrigation , the recommended dose of OK-P2X should be appropriately watered. Mix in quantity and apply through drip system according to standard irrigation practices.

4. Follow the recommended application frequency and throughout the crop cycle for optimal results Ensure consistent application .

Always remember to follow the instructions and guidelines on the product label . Proper application and following the technique and dosage is recommended. This will help maximize the benefits .

#ओके-पी 2x
#ઠીક-પી 2x
#ओके-पी 2 एक्स
#ওকে-পি 2 এক্স
#OK-P 2x
#ಸರಿ-ಪಿ 2 ಎಕ್ಸ್
#ശരി-പി 2 എക്സ്
#Ok-p 2x



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