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Mahiraza 250gm

Mahiraza 250gm

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Nutrition: Mahiraza

Made from nanotechnology, Nano Mycorrhiza is a group of microscopic fungi obtained from forests, rivers, & soils of diverse climates, which increase the plant's roots up to 200% under any conditions, protects them from stress & harmful fungi, assist in water & nutrition absorption, thus keeping the soil & plant healthy.

1. It breaks the hard layer of soil & increases roots up to 200% keeping the soil soft.

2. It pulls the nutrition, essential elements & minerals through the roots & provides to the plants, increasing production.

3. It increases the water-holding capacity of the soil & binds the soil keeping the plant erect in low rainfall. It prevents soil erosion in excessive rainfall. It leaves excess water in the soil for recharging, saving the plant from harmful fungi & keeping the plant healthy in advanced age.

4. It prevents stress in the plants keeping them actively functioning in adverse weather.

5. It reduces nutritional dependency by 30 to 40%. It provides all nutritional elements like Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Boron etc. in which Phosphorus alone is provided up to 40% to the plants. Reduces the usage of chemical fertilizer DAP, thus reducing the expenditure of the farmers.

6. It removes stress caused during plant transplant, decreasing mortality rate & increasing germination rate.

7. It assists in nutrition absorption during flowering & fruiting, thus maintaining crop quality.

8. It protects the plant from diseases developing its disease-resistant capacity. Maintains the symbiotic relationship between soil and plants.

9. Used in both basal & drip methods in seed treatment & land treatment.

Method: Up to 250 grams in short-duration crops and up to 500 grams in long-duration crops can be used. It can be dissolved in water & sprayed at the time of seed treatment or can be administered to the plants through drip. It can also be used with molecular water, bacterial water & all kinds of organic chemicals.


#MAHIRAZA - 250 ग्राम
#મહિરઝા - 250 ગ્રામ
#महिराझा - 250 ग्रॅम
#মাহিরাজা - 250 গ্রাম
#మహీరాజా - 250 గ్రాములు
#ಮಹಿರಾಜಾ - 250 ಗ್ರಾಂ
#മഹിരാസ - 250 ഗ്രാം
#மஹிராசா - 250 கிராம்


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