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Jeevan Urja

Jeevan Urja

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Introducing "Jeevan Urja," a research-based product enriched with natural plant extracts. Jeevan Urja serves as a potent plant energizer, enhancing leaf size, shine, and boosting crop yields for a wide range of crops. This versatile solution, available in a convenient combo pack of 4 x 5 liters (20 liters in total) and another pack of 10 x 5 litres (50 litres in total), contains a composition of 20% natural plant extract and 80% carrier. It is suitable for all crops and can be used under the supervision of a certified TCBT expert. Application methods include foliar spraying at 2ml per liter of water and drip or drenching at 10ml per liter of water. With Jeevan Urja, you can achieve vigorous plant growth, reduce reliance on chemical pesticides, and enhance leaf size and shine, ultimately promoting increased photosynthesis for healthier and more productive crops.

Jeevan Urja is a research based product containing natural plant extract. It works as a plant energiser which increases leaf size, Shine and a Yield booster.

Composition: 20% plant extract 80% Carrier

Crops: Applicable for all crops.

Directions for use: To be used under supervision of Certified TCBT Expert Only.

Method of Application:
Foliar application: Mix 2 ml per liter of water and apply in the field through foliar spray. Drip & Drenching: 10 ml per liter of water.

It helps in plant growth
Reduce application of chemical pesticides enhance crop yield.
Helps in increase in leaf size, shine & increase photosynthesis

Content: 4 Cans of 5 litre Urja Jal (Combo Pack 1) or

10 Cans of 5 litre Urja Jal (Combo Pack 2) 
📢 25 Litres FREE on this 50 Litres Pack

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