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 Guggal is a versatile substance used in Gandh Chikitsa (Ayurvedic therapy) and Hawan (a ritualistic fire offering). One of its popular forms is Guggul Dhoop which emits a spiritual and long-lasting fragrance. This fragrance not only purifies the atmosphere but also uplifts the mood, creating a serene and positive environment. The Dhoop can be used for various purposes, including prayers, meditation, relaxation and setting an aromatic ambiance. Its unique and natural fragrances create a welcoming atmosphere and make everyone feel at ease. Made with eco-friendly materials Guggal Dhoop has a long burning life and produces non-annoying smoke ensuring a pleasant experience without any side effects. It can be used in various settings, such as homes, temples, churches and mosques enhancing the overall ambiance and spreading a mesmerizing fragrance.

Used in Gandh Chikitsa and Hawan

Spiritual Long Lasting Fragrance- Guggul Dhoop impart a spiritual and lingering fragrance which not only purifies the ambiance but uplifts your mood as well
Multiple Uses - The Dhoop can be used for various purposes. Use them for offering prayers, or for meditating and relaxing, or for simply creating an aromatic ambience. It helps in cheering up the atmosphere and creating a positive and encouraging environment.
Creates a welcoming environment that makes everyone feel at ease. These unique and natural fragrances are hard to resist
Made with eco-friendly materials, Long Lasting burning Life, Mesmerizing Fragrance, Can be used at multiple places like home, temple, church and mosque and Non-annoying smoke, No Side effects


#गौण धूप पैक
#ગાયના છૂપા પેક
#गाय शेणाचे धूप पॅक
#গোবর ধূপ প্যাক
#ఆవు పేడ ధూపం ప్యాక్
#ಹಸು ಸಗಣಿ ಧೂಪದ್ರವ್ಯ ಪ್ಯಾಕ್
#പശു ചാണക ധൂപം പായ്ക്ക്
#மாடு சாணம் தூப பேக்

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