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Govardhan Khanij Khaad

Govardhan Khanij Khaad

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25 Kg per bag - 4 bags in total - 100 kg 

This is an innovative product developed by our research wing in more than 15 years of continuous research & is a complete solution for the soil & plants which offers carbon, high colonies of microbes and 100’s of varieties & nutrients.

Govardhan Khanij Khaad is a storehouse of molecules and bacteria. The supply of all the khanij tatva of crops is the best product of Tarachand Belji Agricultural Technology (TCBT). One solution to many current agricultural problems - One khaad and many outputs. Put it in the land and spray it on the crops as well. 

This manure is made only from Khuri cow dung which is considered to be the best. It also contains cow urine. Many types of bacteria are introduced while composting it. In this, all the mineral elements are also decomposed and mixed. Many types of minerals like phosphorus, potash, zinc, sulfur, copper, boron, calcium, etc. are added. 25 kg of manure contains 15 kg of compost and 10 kg of minerals. That is why this manure is called a storehouse of molecules and bacteria.

  • Put 50 kg per acre before sowing the crop, then apply 25 kg manure per acre every 15 days.
  • Govardhan Khanij Khaad can be sprayed by making Anu Jal formula in the crop (molecule formula)
  • Caution: Spray only 1% of Govardhan Khanij Khad in pots or on rooftop.

This offers immediate benefit to the soil & plant & is able to reduce 60 to 70 percent of weeds in the soil in organic way without any harm to the soil & plant based on the recommended doses.

#गोवर्धन खनिज उर्वरक
#ગોવર્ધન ખનિજ ખાતરો
#गोवर्धन खनिज खत
#গোবর্ধন খনিজ সার
#గోవర్ధన్ ఖనిజ ఎరువులు
#ಗವರ್ಧಾನ್ ಖನಿಜ ಗೊಬ್ಬರಗಳು
#ഗോവർദ്ധൻ ധാതു വളങ്ങൾ
#கோவர்தன் கனிம உரங்கள்

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