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Bhasm Rasayan Kit Advanced

Bhasm Rasayan Kit Advanced

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Introducing the Bhasm Rasyan Advanced, a powerful solution to improve your soil and your first step for bhumi upchar. This kit includes a variety of natural minerals and soils, making it easy to provide your plants with the nutrients they need.

Items Included in the Bhasm Rasyan Advanced:

Magnesium Mitti 500 gm
Manganese Mitti 200 gm
Copper Mitti 100 gm
Suhaga (Borax) 100 gm
Iron Mitti 300 gm
Zinc Mitti 300 gm
Sulphur Mitti 300 gm
Abhrak Mitti 500 gm
Silver Mitti 10gm

Affordable Application:

This product is cost-effective as it costs only ₹50 per spray and only ₹100 per irrigation.
This can be done up to 100 times for spray and up to 50 times for irrigation.

Why Choose the Bhasm Rasyan Advanced?

Bhasm Rasyan Advanced contains a variety of soils which are rich in every natural mineral and nutrient that is needed to improve soil health and plant growth.
It is cost-effective as it requires low costs for both spraying and irrigation, making it an economical choice for farmers.
It boosts productivity of the farm as it helps increase nutrient availability, improve soil structure, and enhance overall crop yield.

Enhance your farming with the Bhasm Rasyan Advanced and give your crops the best care possible. See better growth, healthier plants, and higher yields with this all-in-one soil improvement product.

Order now and start achieving more productive and sustainable farming!

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