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Agnihotra Rice

Agnihotra Rice

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Unpolished, raw rice is an essential part of the Agnihotra process. Only two pinches are used for each Agnihotra. Ancient wisdom says that rice nourishes the atmosphere. Polished rice has less nutrients and is therefore unsuitable. It is best to use organically grown rice if possible. Only unbroken grains of rice are used in Agnihotra. Chemically, broken rice grains and unbroken rice grains will be same, but the subtle energy composition is not the same, so we need to remove any broken grains while preparing the Agnihotra offerings.

The price of Agnihotra rice supplied by Soul is ₹ 170 per kg.
₹ 70 courier charges are payable extra.
Hence the total cost is ₹ 240.

#अग्निहोत्रा ​​चावल
#અગ્નિહોત્રો ચોખા
#अग्निहोत्रा ​​तांदूळ
#অগ্নিহোত্র রাইস
#అగ్నిహోత్రా రైస్
#ವಕ್ರ ಅಕ್ಕಿ
#അഗ്നിഹോത്ര അരി
#அக்னிஹோத்ரா அரிசி

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