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Agnihotra Kit

Agnihotra Kit

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Agnihotra Kit | अग्निहोत्र किट | અગ્નિહોત્ર જહાજ
  1. Agnihotra Patra
  2. Stand
  3. Achamani
  4. Tongs
  5. Agnihotra book
  6. Ghee

Agnihotra Kit is a set of items used for performing the ancient Vedic ritual of Agnihotra, which involves offering oblations into the sacred fire. The set typically includes an Agnihotra stand, Achmani (a small copper vessel), tongs, a book of Agnihotra instructions and ghee (clarified butter). These items are essential for conducting the Agnihotra ceremony, which is believed to have spiritual and healing benefits. The Agnihotra set allows individuals to engage in this sacred ritual and connect with the divine energy.

#अग्निहोत्रा ​​किट
#અગ્નિશમન કીટ
#अग्निहोत्रा ​​किट
#অগ্নিহোত্রা কিট
#అగ్నిహోత్రా కిట్
#ವಾಯುದಾಳಿ ಕಿಟ್
#അഗ്നിഹോട്ര കിറ്റ്
#அக்னிஹோத்ரா கிட்


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