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Agnihotra Bhasma

Agnihotra Bhasma

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Experience the sacred power of Agnihotra Bhasm, a purifying ash derived from the ancient Vedic ritual. Harness its positive energy in your spiritual practices and discover its potential for enhancing well-being and balance in your life.

#अग्निहोत्रा ​​राख
#અગ્નિશામક રાખ
#अग्निहोत्रा ​​राख
#অগ্নিহোত্রা অ্যাশেজ
#అగ్నిహోత్రా యాషెస్
#ಅಗ್ನಿಹೋತ್ರ ಚಿತಾಭಸ್ಮ
#അഗ്നിഹോട്ര ആഷസ്
#அக்னிஹோத்ரா சாம்பல்

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