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TCBT Organic Farming Training for South India - Online

TCBT Organic Farming Training for South India - Online

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Join us for an exclusive online training session tailored for South India conducted by our experienced TCBT experts, where we delve into the secrets of successful organic farming. Join us for a day of learning and growth, from 11 AM to 4 PM. This immersive experience promises to transform your farming journey, gain insights from expert trainers, and equip yourself with the knowledge to cultivate sustainable, thriving farms. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the potential of your land and to be a successful farmer.


Zoom meeting link will be shared with the participants on the day of training

11 AM - 1 PM - Introduction to TCBT and Organic Farming
1 PM - 2 PM - Lunch Break
2 PM - 4 PM - TCBT Methods and Formulae for sustainable Organic Farming


Access to Recorded Sessions
Certification upon Completion

Expert Speakers:

Shri Sharad Bhatt, CFO, Soul Society
Shri Pankaj Manda, Soil Engineer

Have Questions? Call us at 080-680-97998

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