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Nano Natrajen (Bio Urea) 4x

Nano Natrajen (Bio Urea) 4x

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A breakthrough product designed specifically for natural farmers seeking effective and sustainable alternatives to conventional fertilizers to support their nitrogen needs of the farming.
High nitrogen content of 32% & environment friendly formulation supports complete replacement of Urea & supports TCBT Bhumi upchar. 
Both TCBT & conventional chemical farmers can use it to support their Urea needs.  
Nano Natrajen 4X is a unique product crafted from a blend of various beneficial microorganisms. These microorganisms, such as Azotobacter, Acetobacter, Rhizobium, Azospirillum, and Nitrosomonas, play a crucial role in fixing environmental nitrogen in different forms.
It ensures that crops receive all forms of nitrogen, including amino acids, nitrates, and nitrites, providing rapid nourishment to plants. It eliminates the loss of nitrogen due to volatilization, preventing wastage and optimizing nutrient uptake by crops.
Suitable for all types of crops, Nano Natrajen 4X acts as a catalyst in increasing protein and amino acid content, promoting the overall health and productivity of plants. It is a reliable and sustainable choice for farmers who prioritize organic and natural farming practices.
Embrace the power of Nano Natrajen 4X and witness remarkable transformations in your crops. Experience the convenience of rapid absorption, sustained nourishment, and ecological responsibility in a single product. 
Here's the information regarding the dose and application method for Nano Natrajen 4X:
For spray and drip application, the recommended dose is 1.5 ml of Nano Natrajen 4X per liter of water.
Crop-wise Application Duration:
1. For Leguminous Crops like Soybean, Gram, Pea, Arhar (Pigeon Pea), Moong (Mung Bean), Udad (Black Gram), and Groundnut: Apply Nano Natrajen 4X 2-3 times throughout the crop cycle.
2. For Cereal Crops like Wheat, Maize, and Paddy (Rice): Apply Nano Natrajen 4X 4-5 times via spray during the entire crop cycle.
3. For Vegetable and Fruit Crops: The application frequency can vary depending on the harvesting conditions. It is recommended to apply Nano Natrajen 4X 5 to 6 times, adjusting the frequency based on specific crop requirements and harvest conditions.
 Application Method:
1. Prepare the spray solution by diluting 1.5 ml of Nano Natrajen 4X in 1 liter of water.
2. For spray application, ensure thorough coverage of the crop foliage and surrounding soil.
3. For drip irrigation, mix the recommended dose of Nano Natrajen 4X with the appropriate volume of water and apply through the drip system as per standard irrigation practices.
4. Follow the recommended application frequency and ensure consistent application throughout the crop cycle for optimal results.
Remember to always follow the instructions and guidelines provided on the product label. Proper application techniques and adherence to dosage recommendations will help maximize the benefits of Nano Natrajen 4X.


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