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Nano Bajrang Baan

Nano Bajrang Baan

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Nano Bajrang Baan: A potent bio-larvicide with botanical extracts and oils. Controls larval insects, reduces chemical pesticide usage, boosts crop yield. Eco-friendly, safe for humans and environment. Target pests: spodoptera, heliothis, bollworms, leafhoppers. Suitable for mung, soybean, maize, vegetables, fruits. Method: Dilute 1ml in water for foliar spray. Store away from sunlight.

Nano Bajrang baan
Nano Bajrangbaan is the combination of various botanical extracts and oils like Pyrethrum oil, Citrus oil, Parthenium extract. Which is used to control several insects and their larvae. 
Control the larval insects of spodoptera, heliothis, spotted boll worm, pink ball worm, fruit and shoot borers, leafhoppers .
Reduce application of chemical pesticides
Enhance crop yield
Rapid action and effective on several insects. 
Ecofriendly, residue free and Safe, non-toxic to humans, plants, animals and environment.
Target insects: Spodoptera, heliothis, spotted boll worm, pink ball worm, fruit and shoot borers, leafhoppers, .
Target Crops: Mung, chana, soyabean, matar, arahar, makka, vegetables and fruits etc.
Method of application:
• Foliar spray – Mix 1 ml per liter Nano bajrangbaan in water and apply in the field through foliar spray at evening time.
Precautions: Store away from direct sunlight and heat.

#नैनो बाज्रंग बान - 250ml
#નેનો બજરંગ બાન - 250 એમએલ
#नॅनो बजरंग बान - 250 मिलीलीटर
#ন্যানো বজরং বান - 250 এমএল
#నానో బజ్రంగ్ బాన్ - 250 ఎంఎల్
#ನ್ಯಾನೊ ಭಜರಾಂಗ್ ಬಾನ್ - 250 ಮಿಲಿ
#നാനോ ബജ്രംഗ് ബാൻ - 250 മില്ലി
#நானோ பஜ்ராங் பான் - 250 மில்லி

#वनस्पति अर्क
#વનસ્પતિ -અરજ
#वनस्पति अर्क
#বোটানিকাল এক্সট্রাক্টস
#బొటానికల్ సారం
#ಬೊಟಾನಿಕಲ್ ಸಾರಗಳು
#ബൊട്ടാണിക്കൽ എക്സ്ട്രാക്റ്റുകൾ
#தாவரவியல் சாறுகள்

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