Jeevanu Jal formula

First Stage: Mother culture

  • Put 100 Gram Jaggery in 11 liters water and boil well
  • When 10 liters Water is left Then it off and let it cool
  • When cool, add all seven Kinds of capsules one at a time
  • Add ½ liter Jaman ordered from Soul to this and cover this with Cotton cloth and keep it in shade for 7 days.
  • Mother culture will be ready in 7 days’ time.
  • After that add boiled Jaggery water in it each day

Second Stage: Jeevanu Jal


In a drum add 200 liters of water, 2 kilos of jaggery, 2 liters of mother culture and 2 a liter of buttermilk. Mix it well and cover it well with a cotton cloth and keep it for 7 days, Jeevanu Jal is ready.

Method of use

  • 200 to 400 liters of Jeevanu Jal in every irrigation for soil treatment.
  • Mix it with water and apply it per acre of land. (1 to 2 years)
  • Mix at the rate of 10% to make Anu Jal.
  • To prepare Dravya Rasayan, mix at the rate of 20%.
  • If Jaivya Rasayan is to be made in 21 days instead of 90 days, then it should be reduced by 10%. Add it to water slowly.
  • Boiled jaggery can be reused by mixing it with water in the mother culture.

Duration Time Limit – 2 months